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Some Myths And Facts You Should Know If You Are Pregnant

All kinds of advice start to flow in as soon as you announce your pregnancy to your friends and family everyone seems to have at least some knowledge about what you should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy. Out of all those advices, you should know that visiting the baby scan clinic is a must. It will actually let you know how well your baby is developing and you won’t have to listen to everyone, especially if most of what they are saying are myths. There are several myths about pregnancy that people tend to believe. To help you differentiate between which is actual advice and which is a myth, we are listing some here today. Take a look.

Myth 1: Always Eat Only Three Healthy Meals A Day

A Healthy Meal

Fact 1: One of the most common advice you might hear from your elders is to eat well. Most of them will advise you to eat a meal only three times a day. But nowadays, doctors advise that you can eat 5-6 meals every day. But all these meals should be divided equally and eat them in small portions. If you eat frequently from various food groups, then it will keep your blood sugar in a constant range. This is quite healthy for both you and your baby.

Myth 2: Stick To Decaf Only

Expecting To Be Mother

Fact 2: We all know too much caffeine can make your blood pressure high which is harmful during pregnancy and causes miscarriage. This is why decaf is recommended to all pregnant women. But that does not mean you cannot drink coffee at all. If you are really addicted to coffee, then stop taking it suddenly. Otherwise, you will have headaches in the morning. You can gradually switch to decaf. One cup of coffee or tea is not going to be harmful.

Myth 3: Skip The Gym

Healthy Pregnant Woman

Fact 3: This was an old belief that if you are pregnant you can’t go to the gym. Thinking it would put too much strain that it will harm the baby. But now with the help of fetal health scan in baby scan clinic, you can know beforehand if there are any complications. So, the doctors say that it is okay if you want to go to the gym. Of course, we won’t recommend doing the heavy lifting which can cause miscarriages but you can definitely do some light exercises.

So, know the facts well before you believe about what is right and which advice you should follow. In order to keep track of the growth and development of your baby visit your baby scan clinic in Coventry.

7 Times Jane The Virgin Swayed Us With Motherhood

If you are pregnant then the Hollywood sitcom series Jane The Virgin is a must-watch for you. As the series recently ended with a beautiful note, you can binge-watch this entire mega-hit series at your home itself. But you have to take the steps to your ultrasound baby scan clinic first to take a sigh of relief to know everything is all set.

So, coming back to the series, which was full of comedy, romance, love triangles, and suspense, it also had some amazing moments of motherhood. Some wonderful ones happened inside the ultrasound baby scan clinics for sure, but today, we will list some amazing scenes overall, one by one-

1. During this court scene, Jane finally realized her accidental pregnancy was not ‘unwanted’ anymore. With this scene, began the journey of motherhood for her.

2. Jane and her family were so sure that she is going to be a mama for a newborn girl. When the doctor told it was a boy, it was a shock for them.

3. Xiomara always took her mother’s advice until she becomes a young mother herself. In this scene, the Xiomara realizes her decision is what matters the most for baby Jane and it gives her the strength to go on.

4. Who can forget the amazing swing, which is a special place for the ladies? It witnesses so many waves of laughter, smirks, tears, and so many other emotions. Kudos to the swing!

5. Remember when Petra’s due date as per ultrasound scan clinic, passed and still there was no baby, let alone 2! She was raged with hormones, looking for someone, anyone to bash out and when she had the babies, it was worth every pain!

6. Handling one baby is difficult itself, so no wonder Petra panicked n handling both. So, of course, our Jane helped immensely too! One mama is the best hope for another mama during motherhood.

7. And how can we forget the iconic scene in the ultrasound baby scan clinic, when each fo they explain as to why they need to be resent in the session. But as they were too much chaos, only the to-be parents get to be there (by the way at the window to the womb Coventry clinic, you can bring 6 family members with you).

Excited enough! So, go binge-watch the series and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

How To Dress For My Visit To The Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Congrats to-be mama! Are you all excited but also scared about the entire thing? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Pregnancy is hard and confusing and difficult, particularly for the first-time mother. Thanks, to the ultrasound baby scan clinic, now you can take a sigh of relief after assuring your baby’s health. But how should you dress up while going to meet your baby for the first time! Don’t worry, we bring you some useful tips. So, check them out-

dress of ultrasound baby scan

As most ultrasound baby scan clinic ofter abdominal scanning, you need to bare your belly region for the screening. Thus, wearing something convenient is quite important. So, go with a top with either jeans or skirt. This will make you feel more comfortable and let you have some modesty at the same time. Needless to say, going to an ultrasound baby scan clinic in a one-piece dress is not forbidden but is not the best idea. While uplifting the dress you might feel uncomfortable, but you can always ask for a sheet from them.

loose top at ultrasound time

For the test, all you need to do is loosen up the top, pull it a little up. The sonographer will then apply some gel on the belly. It is sticky but don’t get disgusted with it. It helps to get better images of the baby by removing any air bubble. The sonographer of the ultrasound baby scan clinic will then place the probe on the belly and move it across the surface. This is done to capture good quality images of the baby. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to get some best shots of the baby. Then the sonographer will explain to you about the position of the baby, along with other facts too. When it all done, they will hand you out some tissue paper to wipe the gel off the belly.

You will be asked to get up and get dressed and then they will hand you out the sonography picture and other souvenirs, that are available at the ultrasound baby scan clinic. You might need to go for any subsequent scanning, of it is asked by your doctor, or even by you, if you feel like to check up with the baby. Otherwise, the scan is usually adequate during pregnancy to ensure the wellbeing of the baby.